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  • To serve and meet customers’ needs and expectations, the means of a Gift of Mother Nature, the Rock, transformed into quality finished products in marbles and granites.
  • To provide the best in terms of quality and reliability as a dependable source of suppliers.
  • To excel nurturing the great human values and be contributors for preserving the good human environment around us.
  • To offer entire range of our products at affordable prices giving all the impetus to quality and quantity.
  • A strong commitment to supply and address different needs of domestic market and for export or foreign market; with  sufficient supply. well  designed and naturally attractive different types of marble , Granite and greenstone products.


  • To be recognised world over as one of the most reliable suppliers of best quality marbles, granite and decorative stones.
  • To be recognised as one of the industry leaders by our customers as the reliable wholesalers.
  • Behak Marble and Granite Factory P.L.C aspires to attain the top most supplier of different and best Quality, strength, attractive  color and durable types of  marble ,Granite and greenstone products  for domestic market 30% and 70% for export or foreign market.


  • Give priority for best Quality, strength, durability of  marble ,Granite and greenstone products

    Keeping the customers first and make every possible effort for satisfying their needs and expectations
  • We have inculcated discipline and dedication in all that we dodication, right pursuit and by our zero error initiatives.
  • We serve all our customers through the truth and loyality.

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  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone: +251 118 200917
  • Mobile: +251 901 787878 or +251 901 737373 or +251 903 200901


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