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Weserbe Real Estate

Weserbe Real Estate has been working in developing or construction of a different typology of houses in the real estate sector handing over about100,000 sq.mts. Weserbe Real Estate has been constructed different types of typologies of G+0 and G+1 Villa houses at plot area of each customer holds including compound starting from 250 sq.mts.,275 sq.mts.,410 sq.mts. and 500 sq.mts.; which has fresh suitable air for life and surrounded by green plants; and also the real estate has its own approved and treated well water, its own electric transformers, access Road, parking etc. to make the living environment more habitable.

Our Real Estate has become popular especially constructing and hand over of customer houses in time as per contract agreement, and by doing this we have got satisfaction of customers and at this moment out of 201 plan of G+0 and G+1 Villa houses to be constructed about 25% of customers houses constructed ,hand over and indoors to their house.

The remaining construction of houses is aggressively on going to make customers have their own household with an affordable price and unique Quality. Weserbe Real Estate has two Real Estate sister companies those are Denbi Real estate and First Real Estate. Denbi Real Estate:- is located around Addis Ababa so-called welete and At present about 90% of G+1 and G+2 villa houses construction is completed and hand over to customers and about 85% of customers indoors to their house and all customers have got satisfaction due to very attractive designed typology of houses, the village is most suitable and habitable for living more over they indoors to their house by completing the of construction of house in time as per agreement and contract schedule.

First Real Estate:- is located in Addis Ababa so called at Lebu village about 50,000sq. meter area to be developed. Construction of houses will be started in the next year; and also we have apartment buildings to be developed at the center of Addis Ababa at Torhailoch in the area of 4000 sq.meter, at this moment approving drawings go-ahead is given from municipality and we are ongoing to start the construction of apartments.


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