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Denbi Real Estate

Denbi Real Estate:- is located around Addis Ababa so-called welete and At present about 90% of G+1 and G+2 villa houses construction is completed and hand over to customers and about 85% of customers indoors to their house and all customers have got satisfaction due to very attractive designed typology of houses, the village is most suitable and habitable for living more over they indoors to their house by completing the of construction of house in time as per agreement and contract schedule. 


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Welcome to Behake General Trading & Investment

Behake general trading and investment company have different kinds of sisters business groups. such as Behake marble and granite factory, real estate(weserbe and denbi real estate), Behake constructor P.L.C. and Behakoch By Delegation Property Management and Case Handling Service P.L.C.

Behake Marble and Granite Factory P.L.C is  one of sister company of Behake General Trading and Investment P.L.C and also  the core businesses of all sister’s companies, which is established recently and by now handing over of all  nine different quarries at different locations and different types of dimension stone those are Marble, Granite, Greenstone which has been extensively used as exterior and Interior cladding of floor and wall finish in public, commercial building and monuments. At this moment, the construction of factory foundation is on progress.  

Deposits of Marble and Granite

According to the geological investigation, there are an investigation and a huge deposit of granite in Alitena, Mereb Leke, L/Mai Chew, T/Mai Chew, and N/Adiet Wereda. Moreover, there, is also there is sufficient deposit of marble in S/T/Emba, Werri Leke, and N/Adiet. Hence detail geological investigation is conducted to evaluate and delineate potential deposits for further development. Most of the deposits have a massive deposit of granite, greenstone, and marble with promising blocks.

Adi Elen and Monday granites have a similar geomorphological setting in which they are formed by massive consulates of blocks covering extensive area while Megauma granite is large batholite having a massive body. Economic blacks can be extracted at any size and both deposits are promising for mining. Similarly, Ge,ba, Felafil and Emnizongi marble are massive deposits. Moreover, there is no removable overburden during mining. It is easy to extract the required block sizes from the site and it is economically promising at most with limited overburden toward the east.

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